Christmastime Trip to LA

After having a few days to catch up with the website and getting Gallery2 playing nice with WordPress, via the heaven-sent plugin WPG2, I have uploaded a ton of photos from the Christmastime trip Sarah and I took to LA.

Nixon Presidential Library

Although I didn’t take pictures of everywhere we went, I did manage to snap up photos of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, which was part of Sarah and I’s tour of presidential libraries. in Yorba Linda, California. Unfortunately, at some point during the trip, the memory card got corrupted, and we lost about sixty photos.

We did however salvage the remaining photos from the trip, including those from the walking tour of downtown LA’s historic core, and of the Rose Parade floats in Pasadena.

Los Angeles Historic Core

The day after New Year’s, we took LA Conservancy‘s walking tour of the Historic Core, which I recommend that anyone in LA with a free Saturday morning to take. I posted the full set of photos that I took.  One of the highlights of the tour, which we didn’t get to see on the tour due to acess restrictions, was the LA Central Library. Thankfully, they offer their own building tour and we took that later that afternoon.

Los Angeles Central Library Tour

The next day, taking advantage of a daytime temperature of nearly 80°, we went to Pasadena to look at the floats from the 2010 Rose Parade. Sarah took a bunch of her own photos and videos, and I’ll post a link to that once I learn where she’s posted them.

Rose Parade 2010 Floats

Sorry for the delay. You can check out the full set.