Multimodal Commute ends in a BLOWOUT

Today I travelled a lot more than I usually do and it basically involved taking the subway to Forest Hills and riding my bike the rest of the way to Queens College. Yes, it was a multimodal commute.

Tire Blowout in Forest Hills

On my way back home, I rode my bike through a pretty dark and high speed section of Jewel Ave. I got through it okay but once I emerged in a more residential stretch, my rear tire hit a pretty big pothole on 108th St. And then I heard a loud pop, and my bike was basically riding on the bare wheel. When I stopped I found my inner tube wrapped around the rear cog and all over the brakes, too. There’s a photo below.

I’m still trying to figure out how this happened. I did notice a big gash in my tire’s sidewall, which explains how the tube got out, but I’m still not sure how the tube wraps around in at least three different directions. And now I need a new tire.