Proplyene Glycol and Neighburitto

Newtown Creek Yacht Club

This week’s job came at the last minute, on Sunday, for delivery on Sunday. But I’m leaving town tomorrow so tonight was the deadline, which is fine because that’s when Ray at ABC No Rio is working, and I don’t know if I can print without his help.

So here’s what I learned this time around:

  • UNIQLO in SoHo has really cheap shirts! But my first-world guilt makes me anxious to use them since they’re yet another overseas production operation and because when they sell shirts, they’re in a ridiculous amount of packing. Opening each t-shirt was like opening a pack of beef jerky. It’sokay,UNIQLO, the t-shirts won’t go bad. Also, short-sleeve t-shirts are seasonal for them so once the summer is over, it’s hard to get what you want.
  • We all know that printing with white, water-based ink can suck. It not only doesn’tcompletely cover your dark colors, but it also dries in the screen, which can significantly increase production time. Today, the ink I was using was good for exactly one test print. You know, the one you do on paperbefore you ruin a shirt. So in a desperation move, I mixed in some propylene glycol, or at least I think that’s what was in that bottle, as nearly a 1:5 ratio. Well I can report that despite the bad smell of my ink — does propylene glycol even smell — the ink didn’t dry. Normally, white ink leads to some very thick prints, but not today. Now, after nearly an hour of waiting for the ink to air dry, it’s coming out okay. I just hope that when I heat treat the shirts that theydon’t make me pass out from the fumes.
  • And I think my favorite burrito place, Neighburrito on Rivington Street might have closed for good. The gate was down at 7:30. Why?!?!?!