Four Flight Miles Short!

Four Miles to Premier

The birth of my nephew has given me a pretty big reason to see my family more often than ever before. It’s not like I’m going out there every week (or even every month), but it’s more than my customary once a year trip. Those transcontinental flights to LA have added up, and I found myself creeping close towards United basic elite  (“Premier”) status.

After this past weekend’s jaunt, I ended up with 24,996 miles flown this year. That’s right, just four miles short of Premier status! That’s fewer than the six miles I live from JFK!

There’s some solace because I have two more round-trips coming up, one in November to Kentucky on US Airways, and one more to LA in December. Those will clearly put me over the 25,000 mile mark (even above 30,000) but still nowhere close to the next (50,000 mile) level. Unless I do some clever mileage runs, but I don’t know if I want to spend 40 hours on a plane in the next two months.