When is a pint not a pint?


While in our nation’s capital this past weekend, we noticed the exceptional size of the big dimple at the bottom of our pint glasses. The dimple is there, you see, to make a pint glass hold less than an actual 16-ounce pint of your beverage. (Shocking, I know.)

While this didn’t strike us as completely remarkable, what was surprising was that this pint glass could barely hold 12 oz. of beverage. I know because I asked for a 12 oz. bottle of beer and carefully poured it into my glass. Without any head, the glass was filled to the brim. Wow!

In another test, Kent and I split a 22 oz. of Blue Point’s Rastafar Rye, and when got our glasses, we were able to almost fill both glasses. You can see the results in the photo. (I should point out that the one of the left is a little lower because I had taken a sip out of it.)

In any case, I don’t really care if I get 12 oz. instead of 16 oz. because I’ve figured out long ago that a “pint glass” really held about 14 ounces. But missing a quarter of a beer, as draught drinkers are doing at this place, might draw a more angered response.

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