The Marathon Comes to Vernon Boulevard

NYC Marathon 2011

The marathon has come to New York City again, and shortly after they reach the halfway point, the runners come to Long Island City and Vernon Boulevard.

NYC Marathon 2011

As we’ve done for the last few years, we stood outside among the crowd and enjoyed a beautiful day outside, and I snapped off about 1,000 photos. After hours of reviewing, I posted about 100 of the better shots to my photo gallery.

NYC Marathon 2011

While I shot photo after photo, Sarah made a snarky sign, reading “It’s Not Going to Run Itself,” in response to my “Get the lead out!” and “Finish Already!” jeers. Julia screamed more encouraging words into her megaphone, and Nicole cheered throughout the whole thing. It’s always good when they come to watch the marathon, otherwise I’d just stay in bed and sleep too much.

I’m looking forward to spectating again next year.

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