GoogaMooga Was a Waste of Time but Not Money

It was a good thing that we had a house warming party and a birthday party to attend because spending the day at GoogaMooga would have been an absolute waste of a day.

David Rockwell, Collaborative Designer & Festival Designer, told us not to worry about lines: “Festivals are what we do…The people running some of the other festivals that have line troubles dont have as much experience as we do.”1

The lines were indeed the problem. Not only did we wait for an hour and a half for a Lobster roll that we could have bought at East Seventh Street in Manhattan, we also found every other line so prohibitively long that we basically left after only two and a half hours. I had budgeted $80 for all the food and drink that was available at the festival. However the lines were so long that we gave up and stopped spending after eating “only” a bland chicken sandwich and a lobster roll. Total damage $25.

What do Nashvillians know that we don’t?

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