Great Seafood 20 Miles from Shore

One of the great ironies of industrialization is that some of the best seafood in Los Angeles is over 20 miles from the sea. It is in the industrial section of the Warehouse District east of downtown Los Angeles.

Fisherman's Outlet

Sarah read about Fisherman’s Outlet a few months ago, and we stopped by for breakfast on Saturday with her dad and my parents. It was absolutely delicious.

Grilled Goodness

We went on Saturday, and there was about a twenty-minute wait for our food. (I can imagine how much worse it is on a weekday around lunch time.) But the wait was worth it. My grilled swordfish belied the industrial setting: it was like eating at a fish shack at the beach/shore. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my swordfish, I wished I had opted for the halibut steak. No matter what I ordered, I would have been disappointed because there were so many delicious alternatives that I would have missed: fried or grilled, fish steak or shellfish, fries or rice, bisque or chowder.

Fisherman’s Outlet is at 529 S. Central Ave.

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