This Weekend’s Craig’s List Scam Attempt

Remember that 35mm lens I was selling? I also listed it on Craigslist. There were a few queries, but none of them seemed serious.

On Friday, I received an email asking if the lens was still available. I wrote back saying that it was, and I then received this reply:

From Jose Dave (

Hi, Thanks for the mail.i was introduced to this site by a friend at
work and I’m seriously interested in buying the item on your posting
on CL for my cousin ‘Richie’ who is out of the state and has been
requesting for this exact item.I’m okay with your selling price i will
add $150 for the shipping charges to him.i would have loved to come
for a face to face transaction but due to my work, as a Petroleum
Engineer and currently offshore. i really want this as a surprise gift
for him so i won’t let him know anything about this until it get
delivered to him there because he is in need of it as a matter of
urgency and due to my work i don’t have time to handle the shipping..i
will want you to help me handle the shipping very well to him..Get
back to me with your confirmed PayPal email address for the payment

As you can tell, it’s a scam. There’s no way I am sending my lens to anyone through Craig’s List I cannot meet in person. That’s rule number one.

Meanwhile, my lens sold on Amazon!

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