Marking the “Ride the Montauk”

If you’re traveling along the southern shore of Long Island and see on the asphalt a pink circle with a line, don’t worry: it is not a sign of danger or doom. Those pink circles are mark the route for cyclists riding the annual Ride to Montauk. It is simply a cue for those on two wheels to make a turn.


In addition to riding in several bike tours around the New York area, I have volunteered to mark the routes for the New York Cycle Club’s Escape New York Century, the Transportation Alternatives’s New York City Century and Tour de Brooklyn rides, the Five Borough Bike Club’s Montauk Century, and the ride known as Glen’s Ride to Montauk. Route marking is my favorite volunteer job because you ride the course before the actual event. (This not the case with Escape New York because we mark the route by car, not bike, because of the long distances.) Also, because I volunteered, I usually get to ride the entire course, as if I paid for the ride, but I get to do it for free.

This year, I helped mark the course from Brooklyn to Babylon. If you’re riding the full 150-mile course, you’ll see our work. For those pedaling the Ride to Montauk on Saturday, June 16, you’ll also see other marks, such as the “Mn” or the “B2B”. Those marks are for the 5BBC Montauk Century and the Bike to Beach charity ride, respectively. Please don’t follow those!

I’m looking forward to riding this particular version of the Montauk ride. I’ve done the 5BBC’s ride a few times, but I’ve never been able to do Glen’s ride.

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