Only Losers Robo-Call

A few weeks ago, on the eve of the New York City Primary election, the campaigns for various democratic candidates robo-called me. I kept some of the recordings and posted them on this website. But I was reviewing that archive today, and I realized something. All of the candidates, whose campaigns called me, lost in the primaries. Let’s have a look.


By far the most active caller was Christine Quinn. Her campaign called me since the early summer through the day of the election. Her campaign also sent people to knock on my door and mailed me flyers just about every day.

Candidate Robo-Call Electorate Share Result
Bill de Blasio No 40.3% Won
Bill Thompson Yes 26.2% Lost
Christine Quinn Yes 15.5% Lost
John Liu No 7.0% Lost
Anthony Weiner Yes 4.9% Lost

Public Advocate

The first call I posted online was from the Squadron campaign. Their candidate did well enough to force a runoff but lost by 20 points to Letitia James two days ago. Either the Squadron or James campaigns (or both) called me on the day of the runoff but left no messages. It worked because it reminded me to vote that day.

Candidate Robo-Call Electorate Share Result
Letitia James No 35.9% Won Runoff
Daniel Squadron Yes 33.1% Lost Runoff
Reshma M. Saujani No 15.1% Lost Primary
Catherine Guerriero No 13.1% Lost Primary
Sidique A. Wai No 2.8% Lost Primary

Queens Borough President

The Vallone campaign was runner up not only to Melinda Katz in getting their candidate elected, but also second to the Quinn campaign in bugging the shit out of me. His campaign not only called me, mailed me flyers, but also used this new thing called “e-mail” to reach me. I was invited to attend fundraising events, read about his family’s scholarship fund (the original DREAM Act, as they called it), and get out to vote.

Candidate Robo-Call Electorate Share Result
Melinda Katz No 44.5% Won
Peter Vallone Yes 33.7% Lost
Everly Brown No 12.5% Lost
Tony Avella No 9.3% Lost

What does all of this mean? I don’t know. There’s almost certainly no correlation between the robo-calls and the candidates’ failures. For one thing, I only cataloged the calls where messages were left. Most likely, the other campaigns just hung up and called back later, only to hang up again. Jerks.

In either case, it’s hard to like a candidate whose campaign calls you repeatedly. Over and over again.

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