So Long iPad

Since March 2011, I had been using an iPad 2 as my travel computer. By design, it excelled at certain tasks: writing email, browsing the web and reading books, newspapers, and magazines. As someone who teaches a lot, my iPad was great for the classroom. I could populate my grade book with it. I could present my slides. I could look up information on the fly and show it to my students. I could also play video clips.

In recent months, however, I have outgrown my iPad. It could take several minutes to load and open a presentation from the cloud. Switching between apps, between Safari and Keynote for example, became a painfully slow process, even with the four-finger multitouch swipe gesture. And because I had so much stored on my 32GB iPad, I couldn’t load all the clips I would want to screen.

That’s why I sold it, on Amazon, to a woman from Minnesota.

iPad 2 and its original box

I kept the box for a reason

The proceeds from the sale will go towards on a new iPad Air. Why not just go without the iPad you ask? In the four days since I sold my iPad, I realized a few things:

  • My MacBook Pro is heavier than I thought.
  • The memory chips appear to come loose whenever I ride my bike with my MacBook Pro.
  • I read in bed more than I probably should.
  • I have to carry a dedicated charger for my computer and phone, or keep one at multiple locations. Not so for the iPad.
  • Some iOS magazines work really well on the iPhone (The Magazine, V as in Victor) and some don’t (The Nation and The New Yorker).

In short, I really miss having an iPad. Count me as a slave to the Apple cult. I’ll almost certainly be one of the bleary eyed suckers at an Apple Store on November 1, likely the store at Grand Central Terminal.

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