Teddy Ruxpin Prefers the Aisle Seat

Last year, United followed Delta’s lead to require flyers seeking elite status to qualify with at least 25,000 miles flown and at least $2,500 spent. In exchange for all those miles and cash, United hasn’t announced any great new offerings for its elite flyers. Meanwhile, Delta offers Wi-Fi on most every flight, first-class on regional jets, and a pretty compelling airport lounge (with free olives).

And they also made this 1980s-themed in-flight safety video.

My favorite part of the video is when you see the couple hear about Wi-Fi and shrug in ignorance, “I don’t know what that is.” The one 1980s artifact in this video that I had completely forgotten was Teddy Ruxpin, which you see with seat belt fastened. And, yes, Alf need help securing his oxygen mask.

Although the video is a bit long, it makes me wonder, “why can’t United do something like that?”

(Via Jaunted.)

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