San Franciscans Wait Two Hours in the Rain For Day-Old New York Bagels

As New Yorkers, we stand in line for some pretty stupid stuff that isn’t free: cronuts, brunch, and modern art installations, and San Franciscans have taken note.

Taking place at Dear Mom, the Mission’s magnet of mediocrity, budding restauranteurs importers Sonya Haines and Wes Rowe unveiled their “Eastside Bagels” hustle, which sees Russ & Daughters bagels flown in from New York and flipped for $6 (bagel with cream cheese) to $12 (full bagel sandwich).

We get it, San Francisco. No one is confusing you for LA, which we know you hate more than any place on earth. But you really need to stop trying to be New York. We’re not buying it.

(Via NY Today.)

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