CUNYFirst is Down

Cunyfirst outage

The beginning of the fall semester at CUNY is in three days, and the website that controls everything at CUNY is wreaking havoc yet again.

I tried to get my class roster for the one class I am teaching this semester at Queens College, but CUNYFirst has stymied me twice.

First, I had to change my password because it expires every few months. Since I use 1Password, that’s not that difficult. What takes a long time are two things:

  • remembering the password policy (it’s apparently limited to passwords shorter than 13 characters),
  • waiting over two minutes for the database to update and allow you to log in with your new credentials

Second, apparently CUNYFirst is completely unavailable to all users.

I can’t tell if the people in the above image are trying to fix the problem or whether they represent the CUNY population who cannot access this all-in-one piece of crapware that handles every single function we do at CUNY. Either way, the image is as uninspired as the software that controls one of the biggest public universities in the country.

Update: CUNYFirst appears to be working now.

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  1. Yep. Secondary issues arise from this; apparently the Math department isn’t allowing any overtallies due to the havoc run by CUNYfirst. After trying all day to cobble together a schedule of classes that weren’t closed, I was sitting in an office trying to get a prereq waiver for a course (my transfer credit wasn’t in the system yet) and AS I WAS SITING THERE, the system went down.