Queens College Gets a Shuttle

After some kvetching on my part and a long-running petition drive, CUNY Queens College has launched a shuttle from Jamaica and Flushing. It will run on a pilot basis from from August 25 to 28. After August 28, students will ride for free, and faculty and staff can buy a sticker to ride the shuttle.

Routes and Schedule

The shuttle service operates weekdays 7 am-11 pm and weekends 7 am-7 pm, covering two routes.

From Jamaica

Starting at 7 am, buses will pick up riders every 20 minutes, and transport them to Queens Hall and the Student Union. Travel time to or from Jamaica is approximately 25-30 minutes.

From Flushing

Starting at 7 am, buses will pick up riders every 20 minutes, and will transport them to the Student Union and Queens Hall. Travel time to or from Flushing is approximately 15 minutes.

Cross campus – between Queens Hall and Student Union

Every 20 minutes, riders may go from Queens Hall to the Student Union by taking the Jamaica bus across campus; those who wish to go from the Student Union to Queens Hall may take the Flushing bus.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me all that much since I take the E or F train from Forest Hills and then ride the Q64. But because I am not sure where I will end up living in the next few weeks, this might be of some benefit if I have to go to Jamaica or Flushing. For example, if I end up staying in downtown Brooklyn, it might make sense to take the LIRR from Jamaica towards Atlantic Ave. But who knows what my life will be like in the next few weeks.

At least, I can start encouraging students to leave their cars at home and take mass transit to campus.

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