Six Swipes in August

August 2014 was a really weird month.

While it was one of the most emotionally difficult months of my life, it was also one of most pleasant in terms of weather. The first weekend of August started with some rain, but after that there was only one rain storm that interrupted my month on wheels. The weather was so perfect that I only rode the subway six times in the month of August. Back in the days of the Fun Pass, I would do swipe that card six times in a single day.

Because I was keeping track of my swipes for the month, I thought I’d share my trip record.

Date Ride Trains Why I didn’t bike?
Aug 2 Woodside to Vernon-Jackson 7 I had returned from visiting my uncle in Riverhead with my mom, and I took the LIRR train back.
Aug 12 8th Street-NYU to Broadway, Astoria N It was raining so I left my bike at NYU and went to my friend’s apartment in Astoria, where I was couch surfing.
Aug 13 Broadway, Astoria to 8th Street-NYU N I had left my bike at NYU and it was still raining. I rode back in the evening.
Aug 23 Vernon-Jackson to Woodland 7 to 4 I rode with Andre to Woodland to start the ride to the Peekskill Brewery. I rode the subway for the purposes of a bike ride.
Aug 23 Grand Central to Vernon-Jackson 7 Andre and I took Metro North and from Peekskill so we took the 7 train back to Long Island City.
Aug 29 West 4th Street to Sutphin Blvd-Hillside Ave, Jamaica F Again, I rode the subway for the purposes of a bike ride. This was for the ride to Blue Point on Labor Day weekend.

Keep in mind that I have been without a home for almost of all August, so it’s not like I spent days at a time at home or just putzing around Long Island City (which I miss doing a lot). I also didn’t go away except for two days over Labor Day weekend, which did account for one of the swipes. Finally, I have been traveling a lot more than usual around the city. I didn’t track my rides, but except for August 1, 2, and 30, I rode a bike every single day in August.

September is only a week old, and again, I have been able to avoid the subway entirely. So far, I have zero swipes for the month. It really shows how mild and dry this summer has been.

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