And We’re Back!

If you tried to reach this website or my other site since yesterday at 2:00 PM EST, you probably noticed that it was down.

It appears there was some issue with the IP address,, my web hosting provider had assigned me. They had to provide me a different one: Things should have been A-OK after that, but since I use Hover (my domain name registrar) as my name server instead of Downtown Host, my web hosting provider, I had to manual change the DNS records to reflect the new IP address.

I know, I know…this might be the geekiest, most jargon-filled post I’ve ever written. But despite all this, I’m glad I am able to at least have an idea of how to fix my websites, even if I don’t understand what was wrong with the original IP address in the first place.

And now with the site back online, it’s time I start posting again. Welcome back!

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