Cubic Yards of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

I moved again. This time, I’ve moved further along the calming shores of my beloved Superfund site along the English Kills, a tributary from the Newtown Creek near Bushwick, Brooklyn. I think the area is named East Williamsburg, but it doesn’t feel like Williamsburg. It’s Culturally Bushwick.

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One of the new challenges of living in this new industrial landscape is that I’m even further away from my regular Costco in Long Island City than I was a few months ago. For many years, I would shop there and carry bulk goods on my bike. It was reasonably convenient when I lived in Hunterspoint, and it was manageable when I moved to Greenpoint two years ago. But now it’s impractical to schlep rotisserie chickens, a half-dozen not-yet-ripe avocados, and bricks of Manchego cheese, much less cubic-yards of toilet paper and paper towels on my bicycle.

Lady Fleur shows one way to transport cubic yards of toilet paper on a bicycle.

Lady Fleur shows one way to transport cubic yards of toilet paper on a bicycle.

The other day, we were running low on toilet paper and paper towels, but instead of renting a car by the hour, I went online. I remembered that I had signed up for Boxed about a year ago and that I had ordered toilet paper and paper towels before.

Ordinarily, I would be wary of a service like this because I already have a Costco Membership. But I simply didn’t have time to go all the way to Costco, and it didn’t make economic sense to get a car to transport paper. I ordered all this essential paper, along with some cleaning supplies, and I received the order the next day. The prices are competitive, but a little inflated compared to Costco. Also, the selection is limited, but there’s some items that aren’t available at Costco that I use a lot, such as food-prep gloves and Tate’s Cookies. These, by the way, cost at least double on Amazon Prime.

Right now is a good time to sign up for Boxed. Sign up with this link, and we each get a $15 credit. That’s a pretty sweet deal, but it gets better if you have an American Express card. Until January 2017, Amex Offers will tender a $15 statement credit on a Boxed purchase of $50 or more. And if that’s not enough, American Express enrolls you in the Boxed Bold loyalty program, exclusive for American Express members. I think you get a 3% reward on your purchases, which is a little more that you get with Costco’s Executive Membership.

As much as I feel like a shill for writing this post, I am doing so because I this really is a good deal. Back in the late 1990s, there were a bunch of dot-com companies that were basically giving away the store in order to show sales growth. This seems like one of those: a startup outfit that’s trying to rack up sales, even at a loss, to show their investors that they should keep investing.

You should take advantage and stock up on toilet paper before the bubble bursts.

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