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Sarah on NPR’s “Ask Me Another”

Sarah on NPR's "Ask Me Another"

Many months ago, Sarah competed in an episode of Ask Me Another, a show I have not been able to find on the radio despite being “on NPR.” However, like everything else good and holy, it’s also a podcast.

If you know about Weird Al Yankovich’s songs, listen to Sarah get really excited about the Amish and bologna. And who knew that Madonna played the drums? I sure didn’t.

Skechers for Sale


I recently received a pair of brand new pair of Skechers causal slip-ons as a gift, but I can’t wear them. They taper at the front of the shoe, and shoes like these caused an ingrown toenail that required surgery in early April. It’s nothing against these particular shoes. I just have an extraordinarily wide foot.

Because someone else, who has presumably has normal feet, might want these, I have listed them for sale on eBay.

Bid responsibly.

Ellen Schneiderman at Jeffrey Leder Gallery


Our friend Ellen Schneiderman staged a significant show of her paintings at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery, a beautiful two-story brownstone in Long Island City. She paints some very beautiful shades with a mix of intricate layers. She already sold a number of paintings so I recommend visiting the gallery soon if you want to get yours.


In honor of Ellen’s big show, Sarah and I hosted a brunch at our place. About a dozen folks came to wish Ellen well, and then we headed to the gallery where scores of friends, family, and art lovers gathered to celebrate her work and the work of Brandon Friend, who also opened a show that day on the gallery’s second floor.

The show of both artists is on view until April 8, 2012. The Jeffrey Leder Gallery is at 21-37 45th Road in Long Island City.

Congrats to Molly and Sam

Our friends Molly and Sam, who we met a few years ago through our mutual cycling interests, were married last week in a small, family ceremony in Albany. For their friends, they planned a more festive event in Brooklyn on Saturday. However, as you may have heard, New York City and the entire east coast was under a hurricane warning and because the entire mass transit system was shut down, they had to cancel their party. But in a stroke of good luck and with the help of some good friends, they moved up their party to Friday and held it at their friends’ apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Sarah and I were assigned to make chips and salsa for their original Saturday party, and because the party had been moved to Friday, we had to rush and make fresh salsa (pico de gallo, to be exact) for the festivities.  We had a blast at the party, although we had to leave my mom at home since she was stranded with the shutdown of the region’s airports. I inadvertently gave them a small wedding gift. I shot a ton of photos of the party and sent them high-res versions.

Congratulations to Molly and Sam. They are truly some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

Bastille Day at an Art Gallery


Yesterday was Bastille Day, and since I get a little more sensitive about it as the years go by, I tried to keep as hush-hush as possible. But, of course, as it tends to do, Facebook let the cat out of the bag and ratted out to my friends about Bastille Day. My dear friends posted nearly 100 messages with nice Bastille Day messages. Awww…. shucks!

Fortunately, Pilar’s boyfriend Bill had an art show at the art auction house where he works, and it was a very big party. He had three very large drawings, which we all saw and posed with for pictures, but it was the selection of complimentary summer cocktails that made another passing year a little easier to digest.

This was exactly the kind of Bastille Day I wanted. I got to drink for (almost) free, I got to spend it with some friends, and I wasn’t the center of attention.

Congrats to Bill, and cheers to everyone who wished me a happy Bastille Day.

Lousy T-Shirt Race

Finish Line

Congratulations to my friend Steve who staged his first NYC Runs race on Wednesday. The Lousy T-Shirt Race was a 5K in Riverside Park where about 100 runners came on a Wednesday night and raced around the park. The runners were a mix of pretty experienced and skilled runners, weekend warriors, and a handful casual runners for whom this was their first race. The premise behind the run was to poke a little fun at the t-shirts that one collects from doing races such as these. The shirts even read, “NYC Runs Put On Its First Ever And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

Despite the name, the t-shirt was anything but lousy. I should know because I was responsible for procuring and printing these lousy t-shirts, which were gender-specific American Apparel t-shirts in their own proprietary dark blue color called “Lapis.” Sarah and I printed the shirts over the weekend, and we delivered them yesterday a few hours before the race. The key was having a simple one color design on each side, and also having that one-color press I bought from some guy on Craigslist. Way to go!

NYC Runs plans to stage these races on a biweekly basis, and given that this was the first ever race, it went pretty well.