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Grand Central Turns 100

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On Friday, February 1, in Grand Central Terminal, there will be a celebration for the station’s centennial.

Of immediate interest:

  • Keith Hernandez!
  • The Lego replica of the train station
  • 1913 pricing on various items at shops inside the terminal
    • 19¢ ea. shrimp, 13¢ ea. mussels, 13¢ ea. clams at Pescatore
    • 10¢ shoe shine at Leather Spa
    • 6¢ loaf of rye bread at Zaro’s Bakery
    • 75¢ Adirondack cocktail at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C.
  • Free stuff
    • Grand Central Centennial Luggage Tags
    • Vintage train whistles from Target
    • Spring rolls from Pescatore
    • Origins iPhone cases from Origins

I suppose the Apple Store’s absence from these is due to the fact that it would not be around for another 63 years.

National Train Day

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After struggling to print t-shirts yesterday afternoon, Sarah and I headed to National Train Day at Grand Central Terminal. This celebration takes place in only four cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. Since we live only one subway stop from Grand Central, it seemed like we had to go.


While there were a lot of events for the occasion, we skipped most of them in favor of touring the train cars. There was an Acela train consist, a 40th Anniversary train (complete with gift shop), and a current Viewliner. But the highlight was the Twentieth Century Limited. This train consisted of vintage private cars, including the Hickory Creek, Tavern Lounge 43, the Cannon Ball, the Epicurus, the Birkin, and the Kitchi Gammi Club. We took our time touring these cars and were incredibly excited to learn about the Wine ‘n Dine Train that travels through the Hudson River Valley to Albany for a five-course meal and cocktails.

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Weekend jaunt, anyone?