Summer Cocktail: Inflight Madras

Cross Country Madras

En route to LA at the moment, and it’s been a while since I’ve had the inflight cocktail off the business class menu on United. I was a big fan of the Sunrise Sunset cocktail that was around last year, and I even made it a few times at home. Although the Delta version with bourbon was much better.

The current cocktail on the JFK-LAX route is the Cross Country Madras, which is a tweaked version of a madras. (A madras is basically vodka, and equal parts cranberry and orange juice.) The inflight version replaces the vodka with dark rum, and has a bit of a kick. Let’s just say that I slept pretty soundly once airborne, which was great given that I was on the 6:30 AM flight and barely got four hours of sleep the night before.