The Amazing Gourmet Food Truck Race

Gourmet Food Truck Race

Sarah is a huge fan of the Amazing Race, and I like to eat so since we were going to be in Los Angeles, we signed up for this event. Sarah persuaded her friends Brooke and Ben to come to this. I was hoping that Brooke would drive, but I ended up renting a Zipcar for the occasion. I wasn’t thrilled with the after party, and neither were the other participants, but eating our way around West LA was a lot of fun. I was very pleased with Naan Stop Truck and Lardon (and its “Baco”), and I’m glad that Coolhaus has a New York truck so I can have it when I want.

The only thing that sucked was the difficulty of the challenge. I appreciate that the clues needed to be hard, but it was basically tailored for those people who participate in the other events staged by these people.