Even Marc Maron Had a Lousy Time at GoogaMooga

Part of the Extra Mooga package from this weekend’s crap fest included seeing Marc Maron brew coffee (Pow!) with the Third Rail Coffee crowd (Wow!) and a live WTF Podcast.

But since it cost $250 to get an Extra Mooga ticket, we couldn’t afford to go. And I’m glad we didn’t pony up.

Today, Marc Maron addressed the listeners of his WTF Podcast:

I can honestly say with complete confidence: I will not do that to you again. I will not alienate the WTF people by being part of a situation where it’s really too expensive for you to get in because, quite frankly, I could have used you there. That’s all I am gonna say on that.

Sorry, you too had a bad time, and thanks for thinking of your fans!

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