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I’m teaching a summer session course at Queens College. The course is Media Studies 300W: Media Criticism. My version of the course will cover current issues in media technology and will focus on a limited number of topics. There will not be any overwhelming amount of material to memorize. Instead, we will read and respond to some very engaging issues in today’s media and technology environment.

This class satisfies the all-important writing requirement, but instead of stretching it out over fourteen grueling weeks, we will be condensing the class into six weeks. And because it’s summer, it will be more relaxed than it is during the fall or spring semesters.

Students will not need to purchase a textbook. We will be using the online research databases, available for free for all registered students, and the open web.

Some of the topics we’re going to address include…

  1. Cinema in the Digital Age
  2. Cable Television and Cord Cutters
  3. Beware of Big Data
  4. Is Google Evil?
  5. Intellectual Property and Digital Media
  6. Open Media and the Commons

The class meets Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, 5:30 — 7:45 PM, between June 4 and July 16.

To enroll, visit Summer Session website. Be sure to enroll in section 5833.


This class has been cancelled.

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