“It’s Russia!”

David Segal, writing for the New York Times, describing the hotels near some of the prominent Olympic venues in Sochi:

To appreciate the hotels in this area it is probably a good idea to think of them not as hotels but rather a rare opportunity to experience life in a centrally planned, Soviet-style dystopia. Only then will you understand, perhaps even enjoy, the peculiar mix of grandiosity and bungling that defines these buildings. Though called hotels, they look like austere, upscale apartments inspired by the Eastern bloc — Bauhaus meets the Super 8.

I’ll have to borrow that last bit, “Bauhaus meets the Super 8,” when I write my next critical Trip Advisor review.

There are a lot gems in this article, but the one that explains the attitude towards the slow progress on finishing the hotels and shopping areas is described by a shrug. “It’s Russia.”

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